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Water Well Chlorination in Sutton and the Northern Toronto Area

Chlorine is an oxidising agent, which can get rid of bacteria and pathogens from water. If you require chlorination services in Sutton for water wells, get in touch with Roger Boadway Enterprises. We perform chlorination procedures according to the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of the Environment.

Steps to be followed during Chlorination of Domestic Wells

The below steps are to be followed for the chlorination of water wells.

  • Measure the diameter of the well.

  • Measure the depth of the well.

  • From the following table, obtain the volume of water contained in your well for every foot length: 

  • After calculating the number of gallons of water in the well, calculate the amount of chlorine-containing material (i.e. household bleach (Javex) or calcium hypochlorite – that is 64 oz of Javex solution or 0.5 lbs of calcium hypochlorite for every 100 gallons of water).

  • Before disinfecting the water supply system, remove or bypass any carbon filter in the system. A filter will tend to remove the chlorine.

  • Thoroughly mix the chlorine solution or powder with the water in the well (e.g. take a garden hose to the well and run it until mixed).

  • Open all the cold water taps in the pressure system until you can smell chlorine and then turn the taps off. This will chlorinate the plumbing fixtures.

  • After 12 hours, pump this off through your garden hose until the strong smell of chlorine disappears. The remaining amount will not be harmful.

  • Send a water sample to the local health unit for a bacteriological examination after a week.

  • If the tests show continuing contamination, a second treatment and additional tests should be conducted. It is recommended that a well contractor be contacted to surge the well and the surrounding formation with a strong chlorine solution.

  • The source of the problem should be investigated and corrected if the treatment isn’t successful. To evade contamination, a new well needs to be constructed.

If you require additional assistance in finding the right level of chlorine to disinfect your well, please give us a call today!



Keep your well water safe and healthy for consumption.

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