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Maintaining a Clean Water Well in Sutton

For clean water wells in Sutton, get in touch with Roger Boadway Enterprises. We can provide you with maintenance services for water wells. Our company is licenced and accredited by the Ministry of the Environment, which is important for anyone engaged in the business of constructing water wells. For additional information, please consult the M.O.E. website’s Central Forms Repository.

You can go through the below information for more details.


Anyone engaged in the business of constructing water wells must be licensed by the province and be in possession of a valid well contractor's licence.

The licence requires that the contractor be insured against liability claims, employ only licensed well technicians, and comply with all requirements of the act and regulation. A well technician licence, issued by the province, is required for anyone working on well construction.

The class of licence depends on the type of equipment the well technician operates (e.g. Class 1 - drilling, Class 2 - digging and boring and Class 3 - special). As of April 1989, all persons installing pumps in wells will be required to have a provincial licence as a Class 4 technician.


Once the well is contracted, it is the well-owner's responsibility to maintain it in a manner that will prevent the entry of surface water or other foreign materials that are likely to contaminate the well and the aquifer. Customers often wish for us to come and check their systems out if they are having pressure problems, sand, silts, water logged tanks, or if their pump is not running, etc. We will assess the situation before we start the repairs. Once we give the customer a cost of the repair and we have permission, the repair is done.

Abandoning a Well

The regulation also covers when a well should be abandoned. New wells must be sealed if they are dry and older wells if they are not going to be used anymore. Wells may also have to be abandoned on the order of the Ministry of the Environment if it is determined that natural gas poses a potential hazard or if the well construction standards have not been followed. Abandoned wells should be plugged with concrete or other suitable materials. In special cases, such as in deep or flowing wells, an experienced well contractor should be contacted.

For well service and more, you may give us a call or send us an email at any time!


Maintenance of Wells

Maintain your water wells professionally.

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