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Water Wells, Pump Services and Hydrofracturing in Sutton

Roger Boadway Enterprises can assist you with a comprehensive range of services related to well drilling, pump installations, well chlorination, water well testing, and hydrofracturing in Sutton and the surrounding areas. You can approach us for commercial, industrial, residential, municipal, and agricultural projects. We provide well drilling services for water wells, geotechnical wells, and for explorations. We can also create artesian, municipal, and environmental wells according to your requirement.

To learn more about the varied services we provide you can go through the below details.


Hydrofracturing is a very effective method of drawing water from deep underground aquifers. This process uses a packer to force pressurized water (over 2,000 pounds p.s.i.) into a crevice of limestone or granite. The crevice gives way to the pressure, drawing water as far down as a quarter-mile from below the surface in some instances.

Well Rehabilitation

If your well has lost its flow or recovery rate, we can rehabilitate. The process of acidizing, chlorinating, or bailing the well, all depending on its current status. Many older wells can be restored back to their original flow rates.

Test Drilling

Sometimes referred to a drill stem test, a test drilling service will provide a good idea of the productive capacity of a potential well site.

Shore Wells

The shore well process draws water from the shoreline of a nearby water source, typically a lake or stream. A submersible pump draws the water through a fabric-filtered 36” culvert, resting on a bed of limestone screenings.

Heat Pump Holes

These are drilled in the same manner as a water well, the only difference being the hole remains dry for a looped-line to be installed. This is then grouted (sealed) and connected to a line leading from the house.

Pump Services & Installations

With pump services dating back over 130 years, we can assist you with all your pump installation and service needs. Simply give us a call!

Dewatering Wells

Dewatering a well typically consists of drilling a 15-24” diameter hole in the ground and pumping the water to a nearby concrete sewer prior to grouting the well.

Decommissioning Wells

Under the Ontario law, you are legally responsible for the maintenance of your well. This also includes abandoning or decommissioning a well. Roger Boadway Enterprises offers well decommissioning services to assist you in properly sealing and decommissioning your water well.

Down Hole Video Surveys with a Camera

Using a submersible camera, we can locate potential blockages or stability issues in well casings and screens.

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