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 Celebrating Over 100+ Years of Excellencey 

Water Well Services for Sutton – from 1880 till Today

Roger Boadway Enterprises has been providing water well services for Sutton and the surrounding areas, since 1880. My great grandfather, Frank Boadway, first began digging wells and crafting wooden pumps along Stouffville’s 9th Line way back in 1880. In 1912, Frank moved his work to Highway 7 in Unionville, where he purchased his first drilling machine. This period marked the end of an era where water well drilling replaced digging wells by hand.

In 1914, my grandfather, Charles Boadway, started the second family business in Sutton, where he also dug wells and manufactured wooden hand pumps.

The economic depression of the 1930s and early 40s made it a necessity to once again dig wells by hand. In 1943, my father, Frank Boadway, took over the business. He ran the business until 1966, when I, Roger Boadway, took over the well-drilling aspect of the business and he began manufacturing pumps in Stouffville.

From 1980 and on to the present day, our business has focused on water well drilling, as well as pump sales and service. For our family business, the future looks good, Grant & Lynor currently manage and operate forming the company's future, ensuring our family tradition will continue through the 5th generation.

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Celebrating Over 100 Years – Meet Our Team

Now in our 5th generation, our family-run operation began in Unionville a century ago. We have Grant (Roger's son) with 30+ years of experience. Grant manages the drilling team while also running the T3 rig. Lynor (Roger's daughter) with 30+ years of experience runs the pump sales and service team and overlooks the business as General Manager. We can't forget Jen (Roger's granddaughter) with 20 years of experience. She works in the office keeping everyone and everything in order. Sometimes she's running to sites with supplies for the technicians. We also have Larry (Roger's son-in-law) who works on the pump crew. Larry also has incredible knowledge of wells as he was also on the drilling team for many years but wanted to pursue installing pumps.(We like to joke that Larry enjoys his wife (Lynor) being his boss). 

And then we have our employees who we treat as if they are family. Chris is our head pump technician. He has become a very important part of the business installing conventional pump systems, constant pressure systems, pump servicing and well servicing. Chris is always ready to take on something new and loves a challenge.

Thank works on our T3 rig with Grant and has gained experience running the rig. We hope to see Ethan running one of the rigs in the near future. Ethan also helps with other projects and crews when needed. Phil operates our 36R cyclone drill rig equipped with mud and air rotary. This unit can also be switched over to cable tool. Phil has 40+ years of experience within the well drilling industry.

Sadly missed but not forgotten is May Boadway (Grant & Lynor’s mother) who sadly passed away in December 2017. She played a very active role for many years also maintaining the business. Her presence doesn't go unnoticed in the office; her pictures surround Lynor & Jennifer’s desk. Also in December 2017 we lost a very dear employee/friend, Brian. He was with us for over 30 years. He had both his drilling licence and pump licence. Brian could fix anything and was always there for everyone. Not a day goes by that Brian’s name isn't mentioned whether it’s in the office or on a job site, someone always enjoys sharing a story about Brian.

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